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Always the discipline of steel remained…

Ok, so last night I went on a death knight bender.  After a few weeks of being all squishy and aichmophibic, I had an irresistible craving to whack some mobs with something sharp and heavy.  I feel like I’m on step 2 of a 12 step program for pointy object obsession.  Hello, my name is Faust, and I am a whack-o-holic.

Old habits die hard, in life and in WoW it seems.  Perhaps I have spent too many years as a tank.  It just feels…odd…somehow not to be smashing heads and slashing through armor.  Indeed, my faith is being tested.  As his father said to Conan (the Barbarian, mind you, not that Destroyer blasphemy), when speaking of the Discipline of Steel: “…no one in this world can you trust. Not men, not women, not beasts.  This you can trust.”  Lok’tar, John Milius!  In WoW, Conan would have been an orc.

By the way, I named him “Angvar” not realizing at the time that Scott Johnson had probably planted a seed in my head with the “I’llpaintmyfacewithyourblood!” emote from Ingvar the Plunderer, of Utgarde Keep fame.  I think I realized it half-way through the starting area while I was painting my face with the blood of the requisite 20 “citizens”.  By then, however, there was no deviating from Angvar’s fate.

The death knight starting area is honestly one of the best things in the whole game.  Playing a Forsaken carries just the slightest bitter taste of evil.  The death knight starting area has the full flavor of damnation, and that flavor is rich. It is strangely, perhaps perversely, satisfying to be the right hand of doom.  As you stroll through the ruined, burning village, people cower and beg for mercy.  Like a true agent of the Scourge, however, you are powerless to give them that mercy.  After all, their skulls are the only thing standing between you and a shiny new quest reward.

I had fun playing through the whole starting area, emerging into Eastern Plaguelands.  It made me wonder what Cataclysm holds for that area.  It seems that they would have to keep the Plaguelands…er…plaguey, in order to preserve the storyline.  However, with Arthas’ inevitable defeat looming, you wonder if perhaps those lands might be under the dominion of a new master.

In any case, like a junkie for the hard stuff, I got my fix.  No doubt I will shortly return to the well-traveled interior of Hillsbrad Foothills and my priest, who I believe is silently meditating in the middle of Tarren Mill, obediently filling his rest bar.  Nice work, little buddy.

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