My other ride is a reindeer…

Winter Veil is upon us.  ‘Tis the season for overindulgence.  I happily did just that over the weekend with the new Dungeon Finder and I find myself at level 26!  The experience just kind of rolls over you like the tide when you’re running instances, and you realize that your quests have all started turning green and gray – moldy oldies, if you will.

Level 26 is kind of a crucible for dungeons.  Actually, there’s no kind of about it, it’s a goddamn wasteland.  Here are the joys that await you in the random dungeon feature at this level:

  • Blackfathom Deeps: long, boring, grindy
  • Stormwind Stockades: also boring, but this time without the loot!
  • Razorfen Kraul: a quillboar maze…fun!
  • Gnomeregan: my screen barely loads before half the party leaves

As an added bonus, if you die in Stormwind Stockades, you get to run back to the instance from…wait for it…Eastvale Logging Camp!  This seems like an oversight or perhaps, a sadistic holiday treat from Blizzard developers.

Enough griping!  Thank you for the wonderful present, Blizzard.  The Dungeon Finder is actually a great tool, and one that is allowing me to practice the healing arts on real live subjects.  Which brings me to my current theological dilemma. Can one live in shadow, but also embrace the light?

I was told in guild chat by some of our elder priests that before level 40, it doesn’t really matter what spec you are – the differences are not that striking.  It follows then, that I should spec shadow, because this seems to be the fastest way to level solo.

However, I’ve been doing so much healing that I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t just jump right into holy or discipline with both feet.  I mean, I kind of enjoy throwing down a Shadow Word: Pain and a few other dots while healing, but it feels a little like I’m paying a “hybrid tax” within the class if I’m not spec’d fully for either role.

I found a fairly good thread over on the European forums that has me thinking, but the consensus still seems to be that shadow is the leveling spec of choice.

Currently, I’m still serving two masters.  Offerings in the form of suggestions are welcome.