Good morning, staaarshine!

Ah, patch day.  The inevitable slow build to a fever pitch of anticipation, the equally inevitable few days of server instability and login issues.  Oh, World of Warcraft, you bitch goddess.  You giveth, and you taketh away.  Blessed be the name of my realm server.

I haven’t had a lot of time to play lately, but I did manage to sacrifice a few hours of sleep to get to level 11 (fear me).  More advice to my fellow acolytes: use those first two precious talent points on spirit tap.  Even at level 11, you work up a pretty severe thirst for mana, and every little bit helps.

Rumor has it that in 3.3 (which is now officially out, even if you can’t log on to your server – you’ll just have to trust me) there are changes that significantly buff mana regen for young priests of level 15 and lower.  Moreover, low-level spells will cost less.  Shadow priests in general also got a big buff that has something to do with haste and hots/dots.  The theory-crafter in me is…aroused.

I added a little sidebar that will track my currently-loaded mods.  Feel free to suggest additions, subtractions, or a complete UI overhaul.  I’m playing on a MacBook Pro most of the time, so I try to keep it light.  I’m all about the light (youseewhatIdidthere??)

Anyway, so I’m standing there at the zeppelin towers outside of Undercity late last night, minding my own priest business, when I get the patch smackdown.  This particular brand of smackdown involves lots of people logging on the night before the patch to speculate on the auction house, spend honor, or do some other thing that can’t wait for the patch but I’m sure is soooo important that it’s worth messing with my game time…

…sorry, a little nerd rage there.  Anyway, this particular smackdown is like a little community-generated preview of the “official” smackdown that later comes with the patch.  If you happen to be online for this, you might find yourself falling through the world endlessly, like this: