Brutally mohawked for no good reason...

Brutally mohawked for no reason…

Let’s assume for the moment that someone other than me is reading this blog.  No really.  It occurs to me that such a mythical creature might appreciate a signpost at this, the near start of the what is sure to be a Hindenburg-sized volume of hot air.  What’s this blog business for exactly?

As the name implies, it’s mostly about playing a priest.  I thought it might be fun to chronicle all the noobish discovery that occurs when you’re learning a class for the first time.  Having played this game for so long, I know shockingly little about the ways of healing in general and priests specifically.  Last night I dinged level 10.  Feel free to hold your applause.

It actually was a bit of a struggle.  Priests, it turns out, are absolutely dreadful in multiple add situations – at least junior priests.  I think I died a half a dozen times pulling nearby level 6-8 mobs unintentionally with my crop circle-sized aggro radius.  I rapidly learned that a priest with no mana is a dead priest.  In this case, dead again…and again.

This mana business is going to take some getting used to.  My smite is doing something like 17-28 points, while my pitiful mace is doing 3-5.  Plan B, as it happens, is not to rely on the mace.  Plan B at the moment is to run away.  And now I have a shield that helps out with that as well.  So take that, level 5 demon dog!

Anyway, pray for me, I’ll need it.  I joined Alea Iacta Est today.  Yay!  That’s something I’ve wanted to do for a couple of years now.  I joined and was promptly greeted with a few Faust jokes.  I feel welcome. 🙂