“Dark lady watch over you…”

Ahhh, back in the loving embrace of the Horde.   It’s a strangely liberating feeling.  After quite a few months of playing Alliance-side on Uther, I’m back among the Horde.

Let me back up.  I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since its launch in November of 2004.  I can remember cajoling several of my real life friends to join me in their first MMO experience.  I was essentially a MMO virgin as well, though I had suffered through a couple of months of Lineage II before WoW came along.  If you also experienced that game, you have my sympathies.

Moving on.  Being the typical red-blooded, Tolkien-loving, former D&D-playing geeks that we were, we naturally gravitated to the Alliance.  Despite the porn stash wearing humans and the oddly annoying gnomes, it felt fairly comfortable over there – perhaps a wee bit stuffy.

Nevertheless, I played Alliance with my friends for a few years, mostly tanking with a warrior and then a paladin.  I dabbled in roguery and druid..ery as well, but suffice to say I felt most at home with a sword in hand, toe to toe with the bad guys, bashing heads.

Enter Burning Crusade and my friends and I decide to see how the other half lives.  You know that thing they say about ducks and water?  Yeah, that.  I felt like I had just been invited to the smoking area of my high school by the cool kids.  The cities were a little dirtier, the leaders were cooler, the quests were a little naughty, and so were the elves.  For the Horde, baby.  For the Horde.

But not everyone shared my pond-affinity, and eventually, we were back among the porn stashes and pink pigtails.  That’s cool.  Honestly, playing as a group with my guildies has always been the best thing this game had to offer.  We’ve made some good friends over the years, some of whom don’t play much anymore but continue to stay connected.  So, I’ll take one for the Alliance.

Recently, however, folks have gone from casual to entirely absent, and it became time to try something new.  Over a plate of sushi and a couple of beers, one of my good friends and I were talking about WoW angst and how to beat it.  We decided to re-roll (again!?) on Earthen Ring, home of our kindred spirits in Alea Iacta Est (of The Instance fame) and to really do something new.

Enter the Priest!  I have never played one, despite a large pile of forgotten alts strewn across several servers.  Never. Healing is just something I have never done.  I’m not sure why – it just never occurred to me, I guess.

So I re-rolled last night, a brand new undead named, “Faust”.  If you’re on Earthen Ring, stop by and say hello.